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Dealing with some big grief. The rose and geranium in your oil is pulling me through- FOR REAL. Not sure what I would do without it honestly



​“If I could give a zillion stars I would! Felicia’s energy is full of love and healing warmth. The space she creates is very calming and tranquil. She is very informative and helped guide me though the session. When the session was over I felt very zen and tingling with bliss. I am already looking forward to the next session.”


“Felicia is a beautiful, gifted healer. Her sessions send you into deep relaxation and meditation. I have had persistent shoulder and neck pain for years and have done every healing modality that there is to help it. Felicia’s sessions leave me pain-free immediately after. I have entered sessions with tight shoulders and a strained neck and left feeling weightless. She holds deep space for emotional release and is guiding me through the process of letting go with each caring, compassionate session.”



“5 x 100!! Felicia is so warm, loving, she made me feel protected and safe. She brought a lof of clarity to life after only talking for 5 minutes. This was my first Reiki experience and I like it a lot. Thank you Felicia, I can’t wait to connect with you again!!”
“My talks with Felicia over the past several months have been really productive and eye opening. I felt more able to freely express my thoughts and feelings, notice the dualities in my life, and to become more in touch with my intuition. She’s helped me so much to watch out for the signs that I’m on the right path and has consequently helped with processing past and present anxieties and negative feelings. She truly is a healer and a positive influence on everyone she comes in contact with ♥️”
“My Soul Session with Miss Felicia was life changing....... I was already on the search for my true self and also in a bad place ...... my husband just left me, My physical health had deteriorated to the point I lost over 20 pounds leaving me at only 107 lbs , & had pneumonia and bronchitis I was emotionally drained to what I thought was beyond repair. One session with Miss Felicia and I could literally feel the change in my spirit and my soul... She did not tell me what I wanted to hear but what my Soul NEEDED to hear . Since our session I have been healing Beyond measure. My health has returned my weight is going up and my soul is happy. We spoke of manifesting and the correct ways to do that and since our session I’ve manifested money, a much needed trip to California and Vegas and have manifested a business opportunity that has no limits on the Money making potential. I have no doubt without Miss Felicia’s guidance and insight that I would be where I am at just two weeks after our session. I am in awww and humbled by her guidance and her friendship she is an amazing soul, and a healer to all."
“I just want to say I truly appreciate you, who you have become and the tools you have as you navigate this world. I'm reflecting on how powerful this last session was. And it truly fundamentally shifted my energy."





“Felicia is an amazing acupuncturist. You'll feel better just talking to her, much less receiving great treatment. I came to her with a histamine sensitivity, slipped disks and recurrent fatigue. She helped tame my histamine, rehab my back and gave me energy I didn't know I had. She never stopped learning and adjusting my treatment. I can't say enough about her. Go see Felicia."

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