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This is for you

If you are prepared to delve deeply into the intricacies that define your individuality,


If you find yourself caught in recurring negative life cycles,


Whether you are a mother or aspiring to be one, and you harbor a desire to break certain cycles for the betterment of your children or future offspring,


If you possess a vision for the kind of woman you aspire to become but find obstacles hindering your progress,


If regulating your emotions proves challenging, and you often feel overwhelmed by life's complexities,


If you observe patterns in your parents or family that you are determined not to perpetuate,


If you seek healthy relationship attachments and aspire to cultivate harmonious partnership dynamics,


If you tend to be overly critical of yourself and struggle to grant yourself forgiveness,


If grappling with issues of self-worth is a recurring challenge,


If finding stillness through meditation proves elusive, and you encounter difficulty in achieving a sense of inner calm,


9 week Course

9 live calls

Nervous System Regulation practices

Personalized Guidance with Private One-on-One Session

Self-Compassion and Forgiveness Practices

Practical Meditation Techniques for Emotional Release

Access to ongoing community support 


this is why I do this

My story reflects why this work is so important to me 

When I was born my birthmother had to make a really difficult decision. She was in a lifestyle that wasn’t conducive to caring for children and despite her sudden lucidity and desire to care for me, she made the difficult decision to allow me to go into foster care.
I was officially put into foster care five days after being born. Luckily, the family that I was placed with ended up adopting me at two years old and my name changed from princess Marie Kennedy to Felicia Marie Burkley.
I met my birth mother for the first time at the age of 18. Before that I had never seen a picture of her or knew virtually anything about her besides the brief recollection my adopted mother shared enthusiastically. Growing up I never consciously felt an emptiness you might expect some adopted people to experience, I have a very loving, adoptive family and I felt very accepted all of my life.

However, it wasn’t until I was much older and connecting with my birth mother a second time at the age go 31 (we lost touch for several years) did I realize how important it was for me to reconnect to my roots.  I was much older and more 
emotionally in tune, to begin processing the complexities of my birth and upbringing. It wasn’t until my birth mother and I had a few conversations did I recognize some of the patterns and choices that she made in her life were consistent with the same patterns in mine. They looked very differently however, the root of the patterns are the same, even though there was no physical or emotional relationship until I was an adult, I was an uncanny reflection of her, spiritually.  I hadn't began to understand why some of the cycles were happening over and over again before meeting her. It was like a light bulb went off, I was starting to see how these patterns led to poor choices, unhealthy relationships and a low self esteem that compounded after every failed relationship in my life. I started to see there was an underlying theme of feeling unworthy and rejected that I had not linked to the cycles flowing through my bloodline.
Fast forward to today, and I've reflected on the exercises and practices that allowed me to acknowledge and reconcile these patterns passed down from my woman to woman and compiled them into one cohesive course experience. These self-discovery processes have brought me face to face with the core of my belief system, providing a path to break the cycles that have persisted for generations.

During my pregnancy I had the opportunity to solidfy my intentions of deep generational change. Through the hormonal fluctuations and intense physical transformation, I learned how important coming to terms with my subconscious patterning was. Important for me, my child and their children for many generations ahead.

I desire to assist those who want to be a mother, already a mother and those who are ending cycles for themselves and loved ones. I fully believe this work is the answer to true freedom that allows blessings, bliss and true purposeful alignment to come into your life.

our beliefs are subconsciously

it takes intentional practices to have impact on that level

we do this work for


not to place blame, guilt or shame

but to free ourselves and our bloodline from negative repeating cycles


emotional release (qi gong)

one of the practices we do in the course.

This one practice has been the most potent part of my personal process

I learned this from my training in Traditional Chinese Medicine

the price to your generational freedom is the same  $  as  a

coffee a day

I see this work as medicine, so the price is based at a place that it's accessible to the many


paid in full

for 9 weeks

valued at
payment options available
$41 a week or $187 a month
for 9 weeks
for 2 months
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